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Diet of Champions

Maybe not. Still working on the nutrition thing

Weird Stuff Happens

Welcome to my world, where the bizarre is just another normal Tuesday.

Yes, the Fat Triathlete does exist. He's just slower

than your dial up internet...

Where have I been? That's a difficult question to answer. I've been around, laying around mostly. I finished my sprint triathlon and hung up my swim fins... and bilke, and running shoes. Looks like I have to start all over again. :-(

I don't always cheat my workout, but when I do its freaking hilarious. Got a workout cheat that I can post? Send it to me...

Early mornings, cooking wierd food, washing endless amounts of clothes. You want to be a Fat Triathlete? Get ready for some changes...


New stories from the gym, the road, and other points in between.

I'm looking to attend a few events in 2014, Do you have an event in mind that I might finish in less than two days?

Finish a triathlon without going to the hospital. Hmmm, finish without going to the hospital more than five times.


Still trying to figure out these buttons. No idea where they are supposed to to take me...

The Fat Triathlete 

Heavy Into Triathlon

Under Construction! Working on getting back up and running in more ways than one!